Information for Promoters

Technical details on the equipment we have installed

All items below except for theatre fixtures are subject to hire/rechargeable*

*(must be requested in writing 7 days before production and agreed by return)


  • Seats Total 1006 + 6  wheelchair access – Front of stage to furthest seat 22m.
  • Proscenium Width 12.9 m Height 6.2m – House tabs fly or Bi-part.
  • Stage Depth Rear of fire curtain to back wall 10.9m – Forestage maximum to back wall 13.2m.
  • Stage Heights To underside grid 16.5m – To underside fly gallery (average) 6.5m.
  • Above stalls floor (at front) 1.0m.
  • Stage Surface Oil tempered hardboard on 36mm ply. Finished in matt grey with black / blue / white flecks. Rake 1: 33
  • Orchestra Pit 50 sq. m Accommodate 30.
  • Machinery 42 Single purchase counterweight sets.
  • SL Fly floor. 500kgs Max loading / bar.
  • Counterweight bar length 16.25m.
  • T70 wrap-around track at fly floor / lx gallery level.
  • Grid Various Motor points Max 12000kg loading.
  • Stage Management Working corner SR. Eurolight desk with cue lights.
  • Show relay, ring intercom (Standard 3 Pin), BT telephone, Backstage/FOH paging. CCTV Show relay to stage, some dressing rooms and FOH
  • PIT: We have a gate leg rostra wooden pit (It is NOT hydraulic). Only items weighing less than 25kg, that can be safely carried down a flight of stairs and through a single door (75cm width) will be permitted into the lower pit for use by an orchestra/ band. If drummers etc. need to be placed in the band room under the stage, then the cables must not go through the band room door as it forms the lower part of the safety curtain. A solution is available for cable runs please discuss with the sound technician on the day.

PA and Sound

FOH PA system

Left / Right Ground Stacked Nexo Line Array, each side consisting of :

  • 2 x Nexo Geo MSUB18
  • 6 x Nexo Geo M10 (2 x GeoM1025 / 4 x Geo M1012
  • Centre Fill – 4 x Nexo ID24
  • Delays – These are split from a single feed into three zones (Stalls,Circle and Upper Circle), each zone consisting of 4 x Nexo ID24

All FOH  power and processing controlled though Nexo NXAMPMK2 Amplifiers, setup specifically for the venue with Nexo engineers using Nexo NS-1 Software.

Main FOH mixer

  • Yamaha Rivage PM10 consisting of a Yamaha CS-R10S Control Surface and Yamaha DSP-R10 Engine fitted with HY256-TL and HY144-d audio interface cards, utilising a Yamaha RPIO622 I/O Rack fitted with 3 x RY16-ML-SILK and 2 x RY16-DA audio interface cards for localized inputs/outputs FOH.

FOH Rack

  • Sony MDS-E11 Minidisc
  • Denon DN-501C CD/Media Player
  • Denon DN3002 CD/Media Player
  • Yamaha REV500 reverb unit
  • Sabine PowerQ ADF4000


  • Selection of Nexo NXAMPMK2 to run FOH/ Monitors


Selection available from:

  • 8 x Nexo P+12 (Passive)
  • 4 x Nexo ID24 Series (Passive)
  • 8 x QSC K12 (Powered)
  • 6 x Sherman 300w Monitors (Passive)

Microphones and DI Boxes

  • 6  x Emo D.I boxes
  • 4 x DI boxes
  • 2 x Studiospares Active D.I boxes
  • Selection of Shure Sm57 / Sm58
  • AKG  D112
  • Sennheiser e600 Drum Kit Microphone Pack
  • 4 x Sennheiser G3 EW500 Lapel / Handheld Radio Microphone System
  • 8 x Sennheiser G3 EW300 Lapel / Handheld Radio Microphone System
  • 8 x Sennheiser EM5010 Lapel System
  • (All lapel systems use Sennheiser MKE-2 / MKE-1 Microphone heads)
  • 2 x  Sennheiser HSP2 Headset Microphones
  • 8  x Aviom Personal Monitoring System (3 x A360, 5 x A380)
  • Aviom D-400 Dante A-Net Distributor
  • Tascam 4 way headphone amplifier (complete with Beyer DT108 headphones)
  • A selection of Rio3216 / Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608 / Rio1608-D2 I/O Racks
  • Yamaha QL1
  • Yamaha LS-9 32

FOH / Stage Lines

  • 48 Mic Lines from Stage / FOH
  • 12 FOH Ties Between FOH / Stage
  • 8 Matrix Lines between FOH / Stage
  • 8 Aux Lines between FOH / Stage
  • Cat6a Lines between Stage / FOH
  • 2 lines of Fibre using Neutrik opticalCON Duo connectors



  • Main Console – ETC GIO Lighting Console (4000 channels) with 2 extra LCD Touch Screens, using a Cat6 Net3 Network System
  • ETC riggers remote (wired)

Dimmers and Circuits

  • 132 x  10amp dimmers
  • 18 x 25 amp dimmers
  • 6 x 25 amp houselight dimmers
  • 3 x Stage IWB’s 18 x 15amp, 6 x 16amp, 6 DMX in/out/thru sockets (socapex fed)
  • 10 x 6 x 15amp Portable IWB (socapex fed)
  • 6 x  Zero88 Beta Back Portable Dimmers Racks

Generic Lamps

  • 34 x Par Cans
  • 20 x Par Cans (Sliver)
  • 10  x Floor Cans (Silver)
  • 12 x Par 16 (Birdys)
  • 10 x 4 way 1000w Thomas Floods
  • 30 x Chroma Q scrollers (Back plates for Par64 and Source Four)
  • 10 x ETC Source Four 36deg
  • 16 x ETC Source Four Zoom 25/50
  • 24 x ETC Source Four Zoom 15/30
  • 36 x Cantata F 1.2 KW
  • 4 x Iris 4 Cyc Floods
  • Fibre optic Starcloth (22ft x 50ft) using two Martin Pro 400 light boxes

Intelligent Lighting

  • 24 x Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
  • 10  x  Chauvet Rogue R2 Spots
  • 47 x Prolights Lumipar 12HPRO
  • 64 x Chauvet IRC LED Batten
  • 16 x Chauvet SlimPar64


  • 2 -1Kw Solo CID Followspots
  • ETC Nomad Puck (256 channels)
  • Strand 200 48 channel lighting console
  • Strand 100 24 channel lighting console


  • 2  x 200amp TPNE additional power Distro Boxes (positioned USR) each containing
  • 200amp TPNE Cam-locks
  • 1 x 125A TPNE C-form
  • 1 x 63A TPNE C-form
  • 1 x 63A C-form (RCD)
  • 2 x 32A C-form
  • 1 x 16A C-form
  • 2 x 32A C-form DSR
  • 1 x 32amp TPNE C-form USR (Clean Motor supply)
  • 1 x 300amp TPNE additional power supply (Scene Dock)

(This item must be confirmed in writing to the technical Manager at least one week before the get in day, and returned with conformation)

Various Rubber Box Distros available


  • Drapes Width Drop
  • House Tabs (Fixed Bar 1)
  • 4 sets of legs 13ft 22ft
  • 5 sets legs 13ft 27ft
  • 1 set legs 6ft 24ft
  • 2 sets of blacks 53ft 27ft
  • 4 borders 53ft 10ft
  • 1 Cyclorama 54ft 27ft
  • 1 Sharkstooth Gauze White 40ft 30ft
  • 1 Sharkstooth Gauze Black 40ft x 22ft
  • 5 Gauze legs
  • 2 tab tracks 55ft (one fixed to bar 44)
  • 25 Lengths of conduit
  • 8 Block board Rostra 8ft * 4ft * 1’ft
  • 2 Block board Rostra 4ft * 4ft * 1ft
  • 20 Lite Deck Rostra 8ft * 4ft (Available for hire)
  • Litedeck legs 1 step (100), 2 step (80) ,3 step (152) , 4 step (60), 5 step (10) and 6 step (4).
  • 42 4 into 1 top loaders for litedeck 30 screwjacks.
  • 10 4ft rails for litedeck, 11 8ft rails for litedeck, 4 3ft right hand rails for litedeck and 4 3ft left hand rails for litedeck.
  • 14 litedeck steps
  • 5 – Verlinde 1000Kg self climbing chain hoists + controller. (in use on house truss)
  • 7 CM lodestar 500kg self climbing chain hoists (In use on house equipment)
  • 42 Stage weights
  • 4 Cable ramps
  • Conductor’s podium
  • All staging subject to hire charge
  • Music Stands 20 lit stands (not RAT type)
  • Chairs 40 Blue armless chairs
  • Various shackles and steels up to 30 available depending on rating required.
  • 65 ‘g’ clamps
  • 27 Stage braces
  • 14 1 tonne Girder clamps
  • 2 2 tonne girder clamps
  • 1 VGA 20m Cable
  • 5 Belt packs
  • 5 DT108 ‘Cans’

Dressing Rooms

  • 1 @ Stage level, 7 up 7 steps and 2 on 1st floor level.
  • Accommodate 37 at Mirrors.
  • Can be used for up to 250/300 for large shows.

Health & Safety

Would all visiting companies ensure that their employees or contractors work with in the Health and Safety at Work Act.


The Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl is striving to meet the requirements of The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. Would all visiting companies ensure that they have in their possession the correct documentation for any lifting equipment that is being brought in. Lifting equipment not having the correct documentation, SWL marked and test certificates will not be permitted to be used on the premises. We (The Venue) will not be responsible for any consequences that may result, be it financial or otherwise, for failure to comply.

Portable Appliance Testing

Would all visiting companies ensure that all electrical equipment to be brought into the Pavilion Theatre Rhyl has been tested within the last twelve months, and ensure the equipment is marked and records are carried for inspection. Electrical equipment deemed to be in an unsafe condition by our technical staff will not be permitted to be used on the premises. We (The Venue) will not be responsible any consequences that may result be it financial or otherwise for failure to comply.

Safe Working Practices and Regulations of the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl.

Truck position on dock.  All trucks must be parked straight (perpendicular) to the scene dock with the rear of the truck touching the dock. This will enable crew to safely unload trucks as required by our risk assessments.

Breaks.  The in-house crew (including wardrobe personnel) are required to take dinner and tea breaks of one hour each (usually between 1-2pm and 5.30-6.30pm). Also, a standard drink break of 20min will be required both in the morning and the afternoon.

Stage Door.  The stage door here is unmanned. Your signing in sheet/insurance etc can be displayed on the notice board back stage.

Intoxication.  Any person who is considered to be intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be asked to cease work on the production immediately – and will not be permitted to return to work. It will be the responsibility of the touring production to provide suitable replacement crew. In addition the house crew are unable to provide information as to where to obtain illegal substances.

C.O.S.H.H. (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health). No aerosol spray paints are to be used in the building, strong glues and cleaners etc. will not be permitted due to the lack of ventilation within the stage and backstage areas.

WIFI: WIFI is available here for 95% of the building (There are dead spots) Code is available from technical crew. However, please note it is restricted to 500mb per day. Any overuse will be recharged at the current in house rates.


L.O.L.E.R. (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998).  All steels and shackles on touring flats, trusses etc. MUST be uniquely numbered and have SWL or WLL limits clearly marked. All fixings must be appropriately marked with their SWL/WLL and be fit for purpose.

P.U.W.E.R. (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).  All tools and equipment used MUST be well maintained and fit for purpose (e.g. motor chain bags having no tears etc.).

Fireproofing.  All sets, cloths etc MUST be fireproofed or treated to BS5852 (flame check/flambar).

Dead Hanging.  We are NOT permitted to dead hang off the grid. Any ladders or pieces of set will require motors or chain blocks.

Mirror balls.  NO mirror balls with single points of contact between the ball and the motor, and the motor and the fly bar, will be permitted to fly. Only mirror balls with an independent safety on a second point of contact, which meet the latest health and safety regulations, will be permitted.

Rake.  The stage is raked 1:35.

Safety curtain.  The safety curtain here MUST be lowered during the interval, or at a suitable break in the performance. All monitors, microphone stands, sets etc. need to be clear of the marked safety curtain line.

Mopping.  Due to HSE requirements (control of contractors) the local crew are NOT permitted to mop touring companies’ stages, dance floors etc. We are able to provide a mop and bucket for your use.


P.A.T. (Portable Appliance Testing).  All electrical equipment MUST have a current PAT test certificate/record and sticker. Any items found not to be suitable for purpose, will not be permitted for use in the theatre.

Lighting Desk.  The in-house lighting desk is located in the upper circle control room, and we are not permitted to move it.  A DMX feed is available at the rear of the stalls to facilitate patching into the in-house dimmers, to accommodate touring desks.

Safety Bonds.  All flown lighting equipment MUST have safety bonds with SWL or WLL clearly marked.

FOH Boom Positions.  The in-house FOH boom positions currently have a low SWL/ WLL rating. Therefore, they can only be used to hang lightweight equipment up to a maximum of 40kg. If you require FOH positions, the best solution is to have two 24ft sections of vertical truss which can be rigged from the stage and connected (via scaffolding clips) to our FOH bridges.

Strobe. Strobe lighting including moving light strobes must not exceed 5 flashes per second and must not be used continuously for more than 30 seconds.

Tallescope Focusing. Touring companies can focus lights from the Tallescope bucket cage provided they have the relevant training with card or certificate to prove competency.

Advance Bar.  We do not have a front of circle advance bar; the best solution for MD cameras etc, is to position these at the sound desk, using goalposts, turtle plates or “tank-traps”. A maximum of 3 lamps will be permitted in this area.


Speakers.  Our FOH speakers, including front fill speakers, are not removable; however, touring rigs can be accommodated alongside the in-house equipment.

Sound Desks.  Your sound desk may have to be accommodated alongside the in-house desk. We will ensure that you are accommodated to the best of our ability.

P.R.S.  A PRS form will need to be filled in for any show containing music; please have your set list information available.

Set lists.  Set lists or running lists will be required for all music performances.

Radio Mics.  You are required to have a radio mic license for all frequencies used on toured equipment according to the new JFMG regulations on 31st December 2012 ( channel 69 etc.). In house frequencies are: Channel 38, 39, 40, 41. (38 is shared subject to availability). Please keep clear of these as they are used in various areas of the building.

Patching in. It is possible to patch into the house PA system at the discretion of the duty sound technician.

This list has been compiled in order to comply with current legal obligations.


Enquires: Tel 01745 332414

Technical Manager:                                      

Stage Manager:      

Chief LX:                    

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